The Hypnotic Reality

The Hypnotic Reality. 2009 © Olena Starynets

The Hypnotic Reality. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Gypsy Hypnosis
© Olena Starynets

What is the Gypsy Hypnosis? In Ukraine everybody knew what it is. The Gypsy Hypnosis is hypnotic techniques, which Gypsy women are using to steal money and other valuables from victims, which they usually meet on the street, in the bus and real road stations and airports. The victims often not able to remember anything at all. Last what they maybe remember – a Gypsy woman. The Gypsies pass their skillful psychological and hypnotic techniques from one generation to another. This is the Criminal Hypnosis.

People have a different resistance to the Hypnosis. That is why police investigators in Ukraine are suggesting do not look in the eyes of a potential criminal hypnotist.

How I was dealing with the Gypsy hypnotists, when I was living in Ukraine?
Very simple. We, aristocrats are passing something from one generation to another too. When a Gypsy woman offer me her palm reading, I am grabbing her hand first and read her horrible future. And it’s all.

That is why the Eastern-European aristocrats was living in the castles and the Gypsy palm readers was not. It is about who is the boss. And who are the best.

Now our traditional world, where people was ruled by the best is practically destroyed. People falling under control of the worst criminals without any morals. That is why people often even do not remember, when it started. They just do not have their money, homes and normal life any more. And they found themselves in the hands of criminal hypnotists. And what all those palm readers are telling them? Their future is horrible and the line of their life is very short.

Why?  Why you so wanted to get rid of all traditional morals and traditional values? Do you know, that there is only one boss. God or Devil. There is only one choice. Between the Good or Evil. And now is the Time of Reckoning.


Thursday, June 18, 2009 6:00PM