Statement & Bio

2010 ©  Olena Starynets
  • Artist’s Statement

My drawings and paintings are portraits and self-portraits mostly.
It could be acrylic paintings or watercolors, drawings or prints.
Maybe even computer graphics. But it’s always women faces, which looks often just like ancient stone goddess in the steppes of my native Southern Ukraine.
Sometimes those women faces remind masks, sometimes – vases with flowers.
Often they build from monumental and heavy stone blocks or metal stripes of different colors.
They are standing in the water or on the ground.
Sometimes they are flying out of space and time.
Those women are mystic objects. They are goddesses to worship.

  • Biography

I am a freelance fine artist from Ukraine. Now I am a permanent
resident of the U.S. and live in California.
I have shown interest in art since I was a child.
I was trained as a traditional realist.
But we live in the world, which is constantly changing.
One day you feel that you can’t paint in your realistic manner any more.
So you are trying to develop some kind of your own art language.
My language of symbols, colors and lines is not always clear, perhaps.
But I am trying to improve it constantly.

  • Media

Paintings ~ acrilic, water color
Drawings ~ pencil, pen & ink, brush
Prints ~ etching, monoprint and more
Photographs ~ color, black and white
Computer Graphics ~ Adobe Photoshop

  • Техніка

Живопис ~ акрілові фарби, акварель
Малюнок ~ карандаш, туш і перо, пензель
Естамп ~ офорт, монотипія та інші
Фотографія ~ кольорова і чорно-біла
Комп’ютерна Графіка ~ Адобі Фотошоп