Golden California

California Flag

Golden California

© Olena Starynets

I like the California flag
It’s pretty
And the bear is funny
He is walking on the green grass
The little star is twinkling for the bear
So he know where to go
Even in the darkness

I like the California flag
It’s so pretty

I am a foreigner
I see everything in my way
What does California looks like for me
I looked at the map of California
It does not looks like a bear
Or like a star
Or like a poppy
Which is the State flower

Climate here is a lot like in Italy
But if you look at the map
You will see
That California is not really
Remind you the Italian Boot
It looks like the Spanish Boot
For me

I am a stranger
I am from other continent
I am sorry
I am the last knight of the Byzantium
And the Polish Crown
And I know
What is pain and torture looks like

I am just an alien
The legal alien, of course
I am not a child of the American continent
And I am so sorry

I am sorry
Forgive me please
That I am still here
I know that I have any right
To breathe this hot California air
But I should to breath too
Unless it is the real war

Sorry but
Nobody killed the bear yet
Nobody turned off the little electric star
We still watering our green grass
And the white angel wings are still flying
Together with the stars ans stripes

Excuse me please
But I do not like
The poker faces
I am not in casino sorry
I am in exile
Leave me alone please
Pardon me
But I am very busy

Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:30PM